Girl in black dress Poet The last cigarette Waiting for the song Evening walk    
2017 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
  blue Boy dreaming of Mondrian Blondi Seated girl Man with strange creature Nervous man  
  Lipstick 2 Pianist The screen        
2016 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
  The moon was in the room Lipstick First pose Kates pose I saw him Black hat  
  Summer light Purple moon Waiter red dress Full moon Black hat  
2015 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
  Stretch Blue moon Full moon Summer shadows The Reader Frozen Dreams  
  Nocturne Summer light Waiting on a stool Catching Venus Venus rising Room of blue  
  Will he turn up Touching red Figure in recline Strange chair Strange place Pause between Haunted place
  Touch Last call Waiting First dance Girl white chair In the sun By the pool
  Blue day White dress          
  Nude Seated figure Girl on blue Day of brightness Waiting to know Girl seating The car
  The red book Kneeling woman Seated woman House of dreams      
  Looking out Woman with Dog The Groundsman Feeling the Fear Poet and Friend Through the Window He Once Danced
  Blue Blue Chair Stray Treeline p48 p47 untitled
  we are not waiting r waiting Through the Lens The Red Dress    
  The Road The Dance Man with Nervous Dog The meeting place Paparazzi 3 Paparazzi 2 Girl
  West bay The Tree          
  Why Me The Incident Luigi Dreaming of my dead sisters Temptation Paparazzi Ophelia
  AAOPT AAOPTS Man with dog        
  Nude Portrait of Steve Temptation of St Anthony Imo Before the pose First step in the Dance of Time Capture
  The Robin            
  St Sebastian 2 St Sebastian The last Tree Dreaming of Blackbirds First Meeting Deborah  
  Man with Dog Outer Space Dreaming of Butterflys Adam Man with hat Anita